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Serko Mobile Now Helps Travellers Manage Their Expenses

28 May 2015

Serko Mobile Now Helps Travellers Manage Their Expenses

Auckland, New Zealand. 29 May 2015 - Serko Ltd. (SKO.NZ) A leader in online travel booking and expense management for business, announced the release of a new and enhanced version of its Serko Mobile app that allows Serko Incharge customers to take photos of receipts and have them automatically matched to relevant credit card transactions in the cloud. This new functionality spells the end of hanging on to paper receipts and significantly reduces the monthly reconciliation process.

 With the addition of the expense management functionality, Serko Mobile becomes the first truly integrated travel and expense management app designed specifically for business travellers.

The app enhancements allows users of the Serko's online Expense Management System - Serko Incharge, to:

  • Capture and upload corporate card and cash receipts to Serko Incharge at point of purchase, reducing the risk of lost receipts and improving compliance

  • Review and approve expenses submitted by employees in their approval chain, which helps to reduce the time it takes to process expenses

  • Review and approve travel requests submitted via Serko Online, which is critical when requests are time sensitive and the approver can't get to a web browser

  • Receive alerts relating to expense and travel approvals on their Apple Watch

Darrin Grafton, Serko's CEO said 'Receipt capture is an essential part of the expense management workflow and I'm really pleased with the app enhancements the team has delivered. It's easy to use, fast and intuitive and directly aligned with our goal of transforming business travel.' 

He continued, 'Data from our Serko Incharge users indicates that today, approximately one in five expenses are processed without a receipt. Of course, without a valid GST receipt organisations can't reclaim the GST and must simply wear the cost on their bottom line. Based on our analysis, lost receipts cost companies just over 1 per cent of their total expense spend, which makes the financial case for Serko Incharge extremely easy to make, if mobile receipt capture can help eliminate lost receipts.' 

The enhanced version of Serko Mobile with receipt capture support is available in App Store and Google Play now.

Watch a video of Serko Mobile receipt capture functionality in action here.


More informationNatasha Gillooly, Porter Novelli for Serko,

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