Mike King talks to Serko about being a good human

At Serko, our guiding principles are more than just a poster on the wall. They are the foundation of our culture, a compass that guides our behaviour, decisions, and actions. They are also central to how we operate together and shape who we aspire to be.​

This week we celebrated our guiding principle “Be A Good Human”. This is defined as “We show up as our true selves. We embrace diversity of people, thought and culture. We work intentionally to create a positive impact.”

In an event streamed live to our people around the world, Serko’s co-founders Darrin and Bob were joined by New Zealand Comedian turned mental health advocate, Mike King, to share stories of how being a good human can impact others. There was a special focus on mental health, normalising the inner critic that everyone deals with along with practical advice on supporting colleagues and family members.

In classic Mike King style this was anything but a politically correct session. His direct storytelling pulled no punches and set a new record for the amount of swear words used in a company meeting, as well the most laughs generated.

Learn more about Serko’s Guiding Principles here, and you can find out about Mike’s mental health charity I Am Hope here.  

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