Serko’s Corporate Travel Innovation Recognised with Landmark US Patent for the “Connected Trip”


Serko’s decade of trailblazing recognised with awarded patent for original innovation

Serko Limited, a leader in online travel booking and expense management for the business travel market, today announced it has been awarded a United States Patent* for its groundbreaking Unified Travel Interface, which serves as the backbone for what is commonly referred to as the “Connected Trip.” The patent transforms the traditional landscape of corporate travel management by seamlessly unifying travel content from disparate sources into a single, intuitive online user experience.

“In the US market we’re now seeing seismic shifts in the distribution of content, and the demands of corporate travellers to have full access to that content,” said Darrin Grafton, CEO of Serko. “This patent and the Zeno platform that underpins it stands as a testament to our commitment to modernising travel technology. By providing a uniform interface that goes beyond content sources, we seamlessly connect travellers, travel managers, and all the crucial elements of the supply chain.”

The cornerstone of Serko’s Connected Trip is Zeno, Serko’s corporate travel and expense management platform. Zeno empowers users to build comprehensive itineraries from various direct and aggregator sources, including everything from airline fares (both direct and NDC), to hotel accommodations from industry giants like Expedia and, as well as ground transport options. Since its inception, Zeno has earned widespread recognition, securing prestigious awards such as BTN Innovate People’s Choice and Travel Tech Breakthrough B2B Travel Innovation of the Year.

In an era marked by transformative shifts in airline distribution and corporate travel programs confronting the challenge of navigating through a maze of content sources, Zeno’s Unified Itinerary addresses the evolving needs of travel managers and their clients. It delivers unparalleled choice and convenience while offering the visibility and control essential for streamlined travel management.

Concluded Grafton: “A decade ago, we envisioned a future of interconnected travel experiences and the technological infrastructure required to bring this vision to life. Securing the patent for our Unified Travel Interface marks a significant milestone, creating a new touch stone for the industry. Our goal is – and always will be – to meet the evolving demands of travellers and the needs of companies for effective travel management.”

This patent is the latest addition to Serko’s existing intellectual property portfolio including “Resource Crew Management”and “Supplier trip ERP automation”.

* About the patent: Title: Unified Travel Interface.  US Patent 11,972,372 granted 30 April 2024. For more information, visit

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