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Serko Now Lets Users Book Travel and Submit Expenses Directly from Their Mobile Devices

6 December 2016

Serko Now Lets Users Book Travel and Submit Expenses Directly from Their Mobile Devices

Auckland, New Zealand. 7th December 2016 ' Serko Ltd. (SKO.NZ) The latest mobile development from Serko, a leader in integrated travel and expense management applications, now enables users to submit business expenses directly from their phones using Serko Mobile. In an industry first, business travellers can now book travel and manage their expenses all in one app, without having to revert to a laptop or desktop computer at any stage in the process of booking and managing itineraries or reconciling expenses.

Like other providers and systems, previously Serko's iPhone and Android app's allowed users to efficiently book business trips, but required them to log into a computer to submit their expenses. With the new functionality launched today, customers can benefit from the convenience of being able to book travel, manage their itineraries and submit expenses directly from Serko Mobile, streamlining the process and the experience for on the go executives and corporate travellers.

The new expense functionality has been designed to minimise, and in some cases eliminate the need to key-in any information at all, relying entirely on information extracted from a photo of the receipt submitted to Serko Expense via the app. For example, domestic taxi trips (which account for 42% of all expenses) charged to a company credit card can be submitted with just a photo of the receipt and a description. Cash expenses can be submitted from the device with a photo and some basic coding.

Darrin Grafton, Serko Chief Executive Officer said 'With the ability to book travel and submit expenses from within a single app we've effectively mobilised the entire business process, which represents a huge step forward for travellers.'

'The expense submission process is now incredibly simple. Users of Serko Expense just have to snap a photo of their receipt from within Serko Mobile and they are pretty much done. The days of laboriously coding company expenses and waiting an age for reimbursement are over.'

Darrin continued 'With both travel and expense data flowing into our system we've been able to create that classic 'one plus one equals three' scenario. That means that organisations using Serko for travel and expense can easily see the true total cost of any given business trip and also have visibility of travel-related expenses that didn't go through the managed channel, which are both extremely valuable to corporates.'

See the new functionality here: www.serko.com/serko-mobile

The new Serko Expense functionality is available in the Apple App Store now and will be available in the Google Play Store by the end of the year. To use the new functionality, organisations need to be a customer of Serko Expense, which can be procured directly from Serko or via selected Travel Management Companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.




More information

Thomas Hann, Porter Novelli, for Serko

Phone: +61 2 8987 2135

Email: thann@porternovelli.com.au


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On Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/serko-ltd

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/SerkoOnline


About Serko

Serko is Australasia's leading online travel booking and expense management solution provider and is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange Main Board (SKO.NZ). With its HQ in Auckland New Zealand, and offices in Sydney Australia and Xi'an City China, Serko employs more than 100 people worldwide.

Serko Enterprise, which includes integrated travel and expense management capability is used by more than 6000 organisations across Australia. It is sold by most Travel Management Companies in Australia.

serko.travel is Serko's small and medium enterprise proposition targeting companies in Australia and New Zealand with less than 150 employees. It allows smaller organisations to self-onboard and make/change bookings online at no cost 24x7

Visit www.serko.com and www.serko.travel for more information.

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