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Serko and Troovo Partner to streamline travel booking and payment processing

2 December 2018

Serko and Troovo Partner to streamline travel booking and payment processing

Sydney, December 3, 2018:  Serko and Troovo Technologies have agreed a partnership to provide the world's only fully virtualised travel transaction process.

The combined capabilities ensure that booking and changing travel arrangements using Zeno requires no human intervention by the travel management company to process or finalise. The partnership will provide travel companies and corporations a fully integrated and virtualised travel booking, processing and payment system.

Travel and payment transactions generated through Zeno will now be able to be virtually processed by Troovo's Robotic Process Automation (RPA). For Zeno travel management partners this means their operational staff and travel consultants can focus on service and support for travellers, leaving the processing of bookings and related data inputs to be done through Troovo's robotics.

 Darrin Grafton, Serko CEO said: Serko is delighted to partner with Troovo to provide a travel booking and processing platform like no other in the industry. Serko's next generation booking platform, Zeno, combined with Troovo's powerful robotics, gives our travel management partners the best solution for servicing their customers seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Kurt Knackstedt, Troovo CEO said: Troovo's global, modular and cloud-based RPA engine is the perfect complement to Zeno. This exciting partnership enables travel management companies across all markets to scale up their use of new technologies without having to rely on manual mid-office systems or clunky, script-based automation routines to try and support their bookings. It's a win-win for all partners and will quickly become the de facto benchmark for how the next evolution of travel and payment booking and processing should be measured.

The partnership draws on the strengths of both organisations in a unique way, giving Zeno partners the ability to virtually and robotically fulfil bookings made in Zeno without having to change existing systems, workflows or platforms. Troovo's modular approach to delivering RPA solutions to the post-booking process will give Zeno-powered travel management companies complete flexibility to utilise robotics across any type of Zeno booking, change, update or re-ticketing scenarios.

The partnership will also see Zeno leveraging the new Troovo Payments module, offering the world's first, fully robotic virtual payments capability supporting any booking type or payment provider.

Serko and Troovo have also fully embraced and are at the forefront of new content and distribution capabilities such as IATA NDC, offering TMC customers the ability to scale up multi-channel booking capabilities without having to completely change the way they operate on the back end. The power of this new partnership is also bolstered by their respective awards at the BTN Innovate 2018 event on October 30, where Troovo was awarded Business Travel News' Business Travel Innovation of the Year and Serko Zeno was awarded the BTN Innovate People's Choice Award.

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