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On Ramps: Creating opportunities for the next generation of tech leaders

3 August 2021

Serko's CTO, Duanne O’Brien, shares his views on the importance of creating career opportunities for the next generation.

Over the years, I’ve worked at a few companies that have a recruitment policy of targeting engineers with a minimum of 2-3 years of experience.

But who gives them the 2-3 years?

This isn’t just a pondering; it’s a valid question. Who, exactly, is going to give promising young people the 2-3 years’ experience they need to kickstart their careers?

As a tech leader, my point of view on this topic is straightforward: creating on-ramps for people is not a side benefit of feeling good about ourselves, it’s our responsibility.

When we work long and hard to become leaders, I genuinely feel that we need to use our positions to effect better change for the next.

Our success can never be just about ourselves; our successes and the influence that affords us, it also means we should also give back, create the open, create the create. We must create the on ramps because it’s our responsibility to offer opportunity and contribute to our (tech) community.
Interns, grads, people returning to work… Whoever, wherever and however we can, we should be facilitating and empowering these people to kickstart, grow, and develop their careers.

As Serko undergoes an exciting period of growth, we’re building more on ramps for the next generation of tech leaders and are excited to inspire and help them build their experience and skills for the future.


About Serko

Serko is a homegrown leader in business travel and expense technology revolutionising the way people book and manage corporate travel.

In 2020, we were named the NZ Hi Tech Company of the year, and now, backed by the likes of Booking.com, we’re undergoing an exciting growth journey as we grow into new markets and empower travellers around the world to return to travel in a way that is safer, leaner and smarter than ever before.

We're hiring people from different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives to help us build a world-class team and product.

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