Apple Supporting NFC Will Make Travel Expense Management Seamless

9 September 2014

Apple Supporting NFC Will Make Travel Expense Management Seamless

Auckland, New Zealand. 10 September 2014 Serko Ltd. (SKO.NZ) the New Zealand company holding a number of globally significant NFC-related patents, today welcomed the announcement by Apple Inc that it will support NFC in its new generation of iphones.

Darrin Grafton Serko CEO said todays announcement by Apple is hugely significant because it marks the beginning of the end of credit cards. From here on mobile payments will move into the mainstream and well soon be using our phones to pay for everything from petrol to coffee to hotel rooms. Its hugely exciting for the payment industry as well as for Serko, as we hold a number of NFC-related patents in the space that we can now begin exploring.

Earlier in 2014 Serko publicly announced that it had been granted a US patent that protects the flow of payment information from an NFC transaction through to an Online Expense Management system or ERP system.

For business travellers carrying one of Apples new iphones the process of managing business expenses will become far easier in the future. Users will pay for their business expenses with a simple tap of their phone using their corporate credit card stored securely in their ITunes or other virtual wallet and will have their receipts flow automatically into their online expense management systems. What Apple has just done to the credit card we expect to do to the paper receipt through Incharge, our Online Expense Management product.


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