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Online travel & expense management software that cut the cost of corporate travel and empower the modern business traveller

Serko Online – Online Travel Management

Serko Online is Asia-Pacific’s leading online travel booking tool for large organisations. It enables employees to self-book and manage complex, multi-segment itineraries that include flights, accommodation and hire cars.

With Serko Online, travel bookers can select from the widest range of travel providers including traditional full-service airlines through to low cost airlines, global hotel chains through to boutique accommodation providers and low cost hotels, as well as a wide range of rental car companies.

Serko Online’s powerful, easy to use booking system reduces booking time, lowers travel agent fees and ensures bookings comply with corporate travel policies.

Serko Online can cut as much as 20% from the corporate travel budget, making it the natural choice for every large organisation with a requirement to move employees from A to B.


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Serko Mobile has landed!

Serko Online travellers now have the ability to change their flights themselves and receive real-time travel alerts, offline itinerary access and more!


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Serko Incharge – Online Expense Management

Serko Incharge is a powerful, cloud-based expense management system that’s simple to use and deploy.

With thousands of users across 26 countries, Serko Incharge is proven to help organisations save money through better visibility and staff accountability.

With the ability to manage corporate card, cash advances and out of pocket expenses through a simple web interface, Serko Incharge is a win for staff who have claims processed more quickly, and finance teams under pressure to process claims while complying with federal and local tax regulations.

Hosted in the cloud, Incharge is ideal for organisations employing between 10 and 5000 people. With continuous availability, the solution is easy to use, inexpensive to run and can be rolled out company-wide in a matter of days.

Incharge is already integrated with all of the major corporate card providers, finance systems and online travel booking systems which ensures that Incharge fits in with all of your existing systems and processes.

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