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Travel is an essential part of modern business but booking, managing and maintaining control over it, can be a real pain in the General Ledger. 

Serko Online is a powerful Online Booking Tool (OBT) for travel, designed specifically for corporate organisations. It gives travel administrators and travellers the freedom to choose from the widest range of travel suppliers, while allowing employers to maintain control over every aspect of spend, through real-time policy management.

Serko Online is proven to help organisations reduce the cost of travel programs by as much as 20% and deliver the highest levels of employee engagement, thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface.

Making business travel personal

Getting employees to use OBTs has traditionally been a challenge, however Serko Online is different. Not only is it quick to learn and easy to use; it allows travellers to book the airlines and hotels they actually want, including low cost providers like Jetstar and hotel rooms from leisure suppliers like Expedia, Wotif, and The recent addition of HRS’ global inventory, which includes 350,000 corporate-relevant hotels, makes Serko one of the single largest hotel metasearch platforms for corporate programs. And with the recent addition of airport transfers, Serko Online now offers travel bookers a complete 'door-to-door' experience, making it the easiest and quickest way to book and manage a business trip. 

Serko Online can
  • be used in conjunction with any of the 3 main Global Distribution Systems
  • be setup to support the widest possible range of travel programs and internal approval processes
  • be configured to allow travel administrators to book on behalf of travellers, or for travellers to book themselves
  • be supported by the majority of travel agencies across Australasia and can be rolled out in a matter of weeks

For employers, the need to control costs through high levels of policy compliance is still paramount, but new Health and Safety regulations are also driving organisations to look carefully at their internal processes. Without detailed knowledge of who is where in the world at any point in time, company officers are legally exposed if something goes wrong. Serko Online provides organisations with the foundation information necessary to comply with the new regulations.

Key features

  • Easy to use and quick to learn workflow
  • Real-time application of corporate travel policies
  • Traveller, Travel Administrator and Guest Traveller profiles
  • Ability to book Domestic, Trans-Tasman and Point to Point International trips
  • Linked flights, accommodation, hire car and airport transfers
  • Pre and post departure changes via desktop and mobile
  • Best Rate of The Day, Best Fare of The Day and Loss Savings calculations
  • Fly, Drive & Stay rates that access up to 50% off Expedia and Wotif hotel room rates 
  • Support for traditional and virtual credit cards
  • Ability to capture, manage and re-claim unused tickets
  • Multi-tier pre-trip approval workflow
  • Integration with expense management and ERP systems
  • Unique Mass Booking functionality

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Serko Mobile - your personal Travel Concierge

Serko Mobile is the first purpose-built mobile app for business travellers and is available for Serko Online travellers on Android and iPhone.

In addition to giving the traveller full access to their itinerary, baggage allowance and seat preference, Serko Mobile also allows users to make changes to their trip and receive real-time supplier travel alerts.

Try it free – you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it!

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Serko Online works for travellers and businesses alike

Serko Online is proven to create value for both the corporate company and the traveller, which is what makes it so successful. Using Serko Online, companies can expect to save up to 20% overall on annual travel budgets, which can easily result in 7- digit savings for large organisations.

Corporate savings come from:
  • Up to 15% savings on the average cost per trip, derived from high levels of policy compliance and better management of unused tickets
  • Up to 20% reduction in Travel Agency fees by turning expensive offline bookings into cheaper online bookings
  • Up to 50% discount on Expedia or Wotif hotel rates with Serkos 'Fly, Drive & Stay' rates
  • Productivity gains that result from employees booking and managing all of their travel through a single portal
  • Better Duty of Care compliance which lowers corporate risk.
For employees, the benefits are equally strong:
  • Significant time savings achieved from having a single place to book and manage everything related to a trip
  • Fewer emails and lower administration before, during and after travel through tight policy control and integration with expense management
  • Seamless integration with airline and hotel loyalty programs.

Moving the Masses

Sometimes organisations need to move lots of people from place to place on a regular basis, such as mining companies running FIFO rosters. To support them, Serko Online has a unique Mass Booking plug-in module that allows a travel administrator to book hundreds of flights simultaneously.

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Serko Online Customers

Serko Online is ideally suited to organisations based in New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore and the Middle East spending more than AUD$250,000 per year on travel.


Deploying and supporting Serko Online

Serko Online is typically supplied by Travel Management Companies as a complement to their traditional offline travel management services. TMCs work closely with their customers to ensure Serko Online reflects the organisation’s specific travel policies and preferred travel providers.

Travel Management Companies offering Serko Online include:


If you’re not using one of the TMCs above talk to us about how we can help you take
advantage of Serko Online to reduce your business travel costs.

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