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Getting to and from the airport is an essential part of every business trip, but it’s also a pain. There’s booking, queuing, cash, receipts and expense processing involved, which all consumes valuable time. And for travel managers, the whole airport transfer question is tricky as there’s unmanaged spend involved, as well as the increasingly important duty of care question.

GPUAir New Zealand

To simplify the whole airport transfer process Serko has partnered with GPU Chauffeurs in Australia and Air New Zealand taxis in New Zealand. Now, Serko Online users can book all of their transfer requirements at the same time as booking their hotel and flights, and have every aspect of their travel managed through Serko Online. With the addition of this transfer capability Serko Online becomes a true ‘door to door’ booking solution for business travellers.

Because Serko Online knows where travellers need to be and when they need to be there, it can automatically present users with pricing for every leg of the journey. And with multiple suppliers quoting on every trip, travel bookers can be confident that they are getting the best price, so there’s no reason not to book. After all, everyone has to get to the airport somehow.

GPU Ride

Due to recent regulatory changes in New South Wales, we can now offer Serko Online users, GPU Ride. The GPU Ride service offers pre-booked and pre-paid transfers to Sydney Airport from Sydney CBD for just $35 (compared with an average of $47 in a licensed taxi). GPU Ride will be rolled out nationwide over the next few months as other states align their regulations with NSW.   

Facts & features
  • Organisations can turn transfers off or on at their discretion
  • Service is available in every major city in Australia and New Zealand (with the exception of GPU Ride)
  • GPU Ride is currently only available Sydney CBD to Sydney Airport
  • Transfers are prepaid in advance using a stored credit card
  • At least 3 quotes are provided for every leg ensuring price competitiveness
  • Transfers can be cancelled and changed through Serko Online
  • All relevant transfer details are presented through Serko Mobile

Airport Transfers - Traveller Benefits
  • Linked itinerary – transfers, flights, accommodation and hotels all managed through the same system minimises admin and maximises productive time, making it easy and quick to manage changes and cancellations

  • No more receipts – because transfers are pre-booked and prepaid there is no payment and no receipts to worry about. Travellers simply get on with the job at hand and the accounting is taken care of in the background
  • Convenience & time saving – With pre-booked transfers, travelers skip all the queues at the airport and jump into a waiting car, after having been met in arrivals by a driver that has been tracking their flight
  • Airpoints accrual (Air NZ Taxis only)
Airport Transfers - Business Benefits
  • Pre-approval – by encouraging travellers to book transfers through Serko Online more of the total travel spend can be managed, pre-approved and reported on, which helps to improve policy compliance
  • Duty of Care  - with transfers booked through Serko Online organisations can improve policy compliance and reduce their health and safety compliance risk
  • Cost saving – Pre-booked / prepaid transfers can often be cheaper than metered trips, particularly when there is heavy traffic or problems. Fares are known in advance and can be budgeted for, helping organisations to construct a more complete view of the real cost of business travel
  • Staff loyalty and comfort – by managing transfers through Serko Online staff arrive where they need to go better rested and ready to do business. They also arrive on time as there are no queues at airport taxi ranks to worry about
  • Transfers that don’t show up get fully refunded (GPU only)

Please contact your Travel Management Company to activate Transfers in Serko Online for your business

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