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Travel Suppliers

If employees can book travel with the suppliers they prefer in a single online environment, they have no reason to go anywhere else. Supplier choice is the key to minimising leakage and maximising engagement. 

Serko Online connects to key Global Distribution Systems (GDS): 

  • Travelport
  • Amadeus
  • Sabre

These GDS systems give employees access to a vast range of flights and accommodation options right across the globe. In addition, Serko Online also allows travellers to book flights with low cost carriers, that are not accessible via the GDS.

Serko Online connects directly to low cost carriers such as:

  • Jetstar (Australia and NZ)
  • IndiGo (India)
  • SpiceJet (India)
  • ValueAir

More low cost carriers are being added all the time. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

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Hotel leakage is almost always a problem for travel managers, as employees either can’t get their preferred hotel selection through their company’s travel agency and/or believe they can get better rates by booking direct with retail sites themselves.

To help reduce hotel leakage and make Serko Online more compelling, Serko gives travellers the ability to book their accommodation with retail travel providers within a managed program environment. Serko is committed to providing access to as many of these retail aggregators as possible.

The current set of low cost hotel providers includes:

  • Expedia®
  • Wotif
  • The Hotel Network
  • LIDO
  • AOT

Policy Management

No two corporate travel policies are identical, so Serko Online has been developed in such a way that almost any type of policy can be customised. Serko Online effectively applies travel policy in real time and uses a variety of innovative techniques and tools, to encourage users to stay within the rules of the company’s travel program.
  • If an organisation has negotiated preferred rates with a particular airline, then employees can be restricted to booking only that airline
  • Travel can be restricted to particular ticket types, classes or routes 
  • The tool can be configured to show a traveller the ‘best deal of the day’ which encourages them to book cheaper options which may not have been their initial choice 
  • Travellers can be shown a ‘lost savings’ calculation based on their selection to encourage them to book cheaper fares that minimize the loss
  • Where users make sub-optimal decisions or decide to book outside of policy, they can be required to provide a ‘break policy’ explanation
  • Bookings can be pushed through up to two or more layers of authorisation before being approved

Enterprise systems integration

As an enterprise application it’s important Serko Online can integrate with other critical business systems.
Today, Serko Online integrates with:
  • Network security systems to allow single sign on using network passwords
  • HR systems for traveller profile management and credit card management
  • ERP and finance systems for financial reconciliation and card management
  • Expense Management systems for travel spend approval
  • Profile management tools

Serko Online and Serko Expense, Serko Online’s sister expense management product, have been tightly integrated to ensure that organisations using both products have an integrated and streamlined travel booking and expense management workflow.

All bookings made in Serko Online automatically appear in Serko Expense and a streamlined pre-booking approval workflow ensures that trips are approved by finance before staff travel, removing the need for a separate travel approval workflow.

Learn more about expense management with Serko Expense

Serko Online tutorials

Our training videos are password protected. If you are a Serko customer and you would like to watch the videos please contact your Travel Management Company.

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