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Serko Mobile is the first purpose-built mobile app for business travel and expense management. It is available for Serko Online travellers and/or Serko Expense users on Android and iPhone.

Try it free – you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it!

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Using Serko Mobile is like having a travel agent, a PA and a tour guide in your pocket – everything you need to make business travel and expense management easier so you can focus on what really matters.

With Serko Mobile you can:
  • Book flights and hotels direct from the app
  • Change or cancel bookings before and/or during a trip* 
  • View complete travel itineraries offline or online
  • Check-in on mobile for airlines including Air NZ, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar
  • Get GPS linked airport travel time alerts
  • Receive flight delay and cancellation alerts
  • Capture and submit expense items online or offline
  • Share travel itineraries with colleagues and family
  • Track your checked luggage with integrated Bag Locator technology
  • Contact your Travel Management Company (TMC)

*Subject to fare rules, airline & TMC support of functionality

Booking on a Mobile

How it works

Serko Mobile for Travel

Serko Mobile is for Serko Online travellers who use an iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Travellers simply download the app and sign in using their unique Serko Online login details. Serko Mobile automatically syncs with Serko Online and all trips are instantly displayed. There are two different ways of viewing and managing your trips: My Trips and Travel Concierge.


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My Trips

The Serko Mobile ‘My Trips’ view provides a standard linear view of every aspect of the itinerary.

  • Online and offline
  • City Safe (Health & Safety) rating for every trip, including a booking status
  • Drill into the details e.g. baggage allowance and meals


Travel Concierge

‘Travel Concierge’ is the default view that initiates 24 hours prior to departure and assists with every step of the journey.

  • Browsable content from 3rd party travel suppliers
  • A range of push alerts that relate to flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes

Serko Mobile for Expenses

Serko Mobile is for employees who claim work expenses through Serko Expense and who use an iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Employees simply download the app and sign in using their unique Serko Expense login details. Serko Mobile automatically syncs with Serko Expense and expense claims are created instantly.

Serko Mobile makes it easier for employees to capture and submit expense claims ‘on the go’, avoiding month end reconciling.

Serko Mobile is ideal for employees with Corporate Credit Cards, as it matches receipts to corporate card statements in the cloud.

And if you’re a business traveller using Serko Online, all travel and travel related expenses are grouped and approved together in the one expense claim - how convenient is that!

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Key Features

Have the freedom to book and change your flights yourself

Serko Mobile makes doing it yourself a breeze with just a few clicks and swipes on your mobile.
  • Book flights and hotels direct from the app, without having to contact your TMC
  • Change your flight after it’s been ticketed, without having to contact your TMC*
  • Check-in online via your mobile
  • Receive GPS linked prompts to change your flight if it looks like you’re not going to make it
  • Comply with fully integrated corporate travel booking policies in Serko Online
  • Full visibility of cost implications (if any) of changing your flight
  • Automatically links back to the Serko Online approval process

*Subject to fare rules, airline and TMC support for functionality



Take the guess work out of getting to the airport on time

Serko Mobile tells you exactly when you need to leave to ensure you make your flight comfortably
  • GPS linked gate arrival time calculator
  • Departure delays or cancellation alerts
  • It even tells you if you’re heading for the wrong airport!

View your itinerary instantly,
offline & online

Serko Mobile allows you to view any trip details that have been
booked through Serko Online.
  • View all flight, car hire and accommodation information in an instant
  • View all upcoming trips and assign names so they’re easy to distinguish
  • Itineraries are presented in calendar view, making it easy to see what’s happening, every step of your journey
  • Access your itinerary whether you’re online or offline



Personalise the journey with your own
Travel Concierge

The Travel Concierge feature knows what’s important to business travellers, to maximise comfort and minimise hassle.
Before you go:
  • Relevant destination information such as weather, so you know what to pack
  • Travel checklist where you can reserve a seat, change your meal preference, add a frequent flyer number, and add car or hotel loyalty details
  • City Safe rating for peace of mind and Duty of Care legislation compliance
  • 'Routehappy' feature – showing which flights have shorter flying times, roomier seats, and amenities such as entertainment, WiFi and in-seat power
When you get there:
  • Book a taxi
  • Location maps giving directions
  • Serko Mobile is like having a tour guide in your pocket!

Keep tabs on your bags with Serko Mobile

Serko Mobile’s Bag Locator feature lets you track your checked luggage so you can avoid the ‘carousel chaos’ and enjoy a stress‐free baggage‐claim experience.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your luggage has made it on the plane
  • Take the guess work out of ‘when’ your bag is coming around the carousel
  • Track up to three tags simultaneously

Simply ‘pair’ your tags with Serko Mobile (much like pairing with Bluetooth), then drop the tags into your luggage. Serko Mobile does the rest.

Serko Mobile’s Bag Locator feature operates in two modes: ‘Find My Bag’ which tells you how far away your bags are and if they’re in range (up to 70 metres), and ‘Carousel Mode’ which alerts you when your bag comes into range on the carousel, so you don’t have to fight the crowd.

The Bag Locator feature is available now to download from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.


A new way to experience Serko Mobile

With a connected Apple Watch, Serko Mobile users can:
  • Receive travel alerts
  • Access travel itineraries
  • Receive travel approval requests

To access information from Serko Mobile on Apple Watch, users require iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later.


Manage your expenses on Serko Mobile

Not only is Serko Mobile your personal ‘Travel Concierge’, it’s also your personal ‘Expense Manager’ - all on the one app!

With Serko Mobile you can capture receipts and submit expense claims on the go. Forget the month end “I’ve lost my receipts” hassle. Just capture and submit, then throw your receipt in the bin.

With Serko Mobile users can:
  • Capture images of receipts, along with any associated information, and submit them to Serko Expense for processing
  • Review and edit unprocessed expense items
  • Review, approve and reject expense claims
  • Review, approve and reject travel request made inside Serko Online

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How Serko Mobile stacks up

Serko Mobile is the first purpose-built mobile app for business travel. 

Other travel apps have been built for the leisure traveller - used by business; Serko Mobile has been purpose-built for the business traveller, designed to personalise the travel experience.

Existing travel apps allow users to simply see their itineraries, while airline apps enable the traveller to make flight changes, but only if the booking has been made directly with them.

Serko Mobile is unique. In addition to booking flights and hotels, travellers can change their flights on multiple airlines and change their hotels booked through Serko Online, all on the one app and all within the environment of their company’s Managed Travel Policy.

With the addition of the Serko Expense expense management functionality, Serko Mobile becomes the first truly integrated travel and expense management app designed specifically for business travellers.

How to get Serko Mobile

Serko Mobile is available for Serko Online travellers and/or Serko Expense users on Apple iOS and Android, and can be downloaded free from App Store or Google Play.

Try it free - you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it!

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