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17 Nov 2014

Learn how Incharge and AirPlus make expense management a walk in the park

Free webinar - 27 November 2014

Everyone knows that managing travel expenses is a time consuming, expensive and error prone process. Online Expense management tools  help, but it's still not perfect. The problem is the painful month-end credit card reconciliation process, which is pure torture for employees. But all is not lost. By allowing credit card transactions to flow into the expense management tool overnight, the process of matching receipts to credit card transactions can be massively streamlined helping organisations save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in productivity savings.

AirPlus is one of the largest and most popular virtual credit card providers in the corporate space, and is particularly popular with users of Online Booking Tools such as Serko Online. By allowing AirPlus transactions made inside Serko Online, or anywhere for that matter, to flow into Incharge over night, the process of matching transactions can be turned into a walk in the park.

This webinar provides viewers with an end-to-end presentation on the new Serko / AirPlus integration that includes direct access to travel transaction data and a seamless expense reconciliation process.

Watch the webinar here

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