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10 Jan 2014

Getting it right - every time

Grant McConville

How corporate travel booking software make group bookings faster and simpler

“Yeah, I’m a great quitter. It’s one of the few things I do well. I come from a long line of quitters. My father was a quitter; my grandfather was a quitter … I was raised to give up.” Somebody told me that this quote was from a Travel Manager who simply couldn’t face the prospect of spending another [insert ungodly amount of wasted time here] booking travel for hundreds of staff on a rotating roster, where he knew he would have to sit there and click through all the steps, over and over again to choose the same details for the same travellers, on the same flights at the same time … and then get ready to do it all over again when the end of the month rolled around.

Serko Online introduced cloning and he thought that was awesome. But the Group Booking module takes it to a whole new level where a bit of creative use of [ctrl]+[c] and [ctrl]+[v] does half the job in no time and takes the repetition and decision making out of the equation. The rest is taken care of in one final click of the [submit] button. Even policy compliance hassles become a distant memory as the group booking policy is configured to ensure best fares are automatically allocated according to the real travel requirements.

OK, so it was George Costanza … but whatever. How good is Group Booking!

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