Innovation and change is something we live and breathe at Serko, and on September the 9th we are fully expecting Apple to change the payment game forever with the launch of NFC on the new iPhone6, which will finally see the wallet and the phone become one. It seems like a lifetime ago I designed a solution that would be my ideal travel companion, where I could pay for my meal using my phone and the receipt would appeared automatically in my expense report. With Apple entering the payment game my idea will take another step towards becoming a reality.

And, as Apple changes the way we pay, Serko is also changing the way employees experience business travel through the launch of our new mobile app, and the world is taking notice. Our resellers are telling us that our mobile technology is exceptional, our travellers are amazed and our partners are taking our technology instead of building their own. The incredible part of this is that it has all occurred before we even officially launched the app to our customers!

When you create technology that is compelling it will be successful, so what is it that we’re doing with mobile apps that makes it so compelling?…. Take the ability to change your flight anywhere, anytime as an example. This was marked as too hard to do by our OBT competitors – so we sat down, thought about it and designed (and patented) a technology platform known as the Universal Traveller that would enable us to deliver the experience in an elegant and innovative way.

Of course, our competitors will try and copy us….but many won’t have realised that our strategy is not just to run fast, but also to protect our ideas with patents that will allow us to create value for our shareholders for a long time to come. Like Apple we protected a number of ideas 3 or 4 years ago on the expectation that they would become mainstream, and it looks like we’re about to be proved right, which is hugely exciting for everyone at Serko – employees and investors alike.

In the next few weeks our technology will launch in multiple countries and will become the framework for every expense management company to mobilise their travel and payment framework , of course our expense solution will be the best place to see it all in action. The future is about change, you can grow by enabling what you have today or you can jump to new heights through innovation and allow partners to converge into a platform and framework that will create and support and eco-system that is global from day one.

Experience change, but more so experience travel as it is meant to be... because at SERKO we are focused on making business travel personal.