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For organisations operating in the energy and resource sectors the process of managing FIFO rosters is generally time-consuming, expensive and error-prone. With very limited automation available, organisations have little choice but to rely on their TMCs to manually book flights and accommodation one by one, which has a significant cost both in terms of transaction fees and the internal administration overhead.

Serko’s new Automated FIFO Booking Module provides organisations with the booking capability required to dramatically reduce the cost, time and complexity associated with FIFO roster management. Using the FIFO booking module a travel administrator can now book hundreds of seats on commercial flights simultaneously, while retaining precise control over policy compliance and individual traveller requirements.

  •       Automated ‘mass’ booking capability
  •       Unlimited number of simultaneous bookings
  •       Custom excel or ERP generated input file
  •       Background file processing
  •       ‘Guest traveller’ status for non-profiled travellers
  •       Stepped Booking Class Functionality
  •       Integration with INX

Automated booking workflow

The FIFO booking workflow is driven from a standard excel template that captures each travellers’ booking details.

There's no limit to the number of travellers that can be booked in this way and the template can be easily customised to your precise needs. Traveller profiles, held in Serko Online or synchronised from ERP systems like INX Inflight, are used to complete the bookings, which makes the process quick and easy to set up and manage.

Each booking can be assigned a unique cost code, which allows accurate on-billing and easy reconciliation. And, like all Serko Online bookings a policy can be applied to each booking to ensure that it complies with corporate policy.

For example, if your company’s travel policy is ‘best fare of the day’ or ‘lowest negotiated fare with a particular airline’, Serko Online will ensure that every booking is fully aligned with that policy.

Once Serko Online has finished processing the excel spreadsheet a Booking Summary page is displayed to the travel administrator, confirming that all of the bookings have been made.

Serko Online then emails an output file, which holds all of the booked travel data, to the administrator and/or the travellers with their itineraries.

Automated FIFO ROI

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In a real-world study, a large Australian company that delivers support services to the Energy and Resource sectors was able to reduce the administration overhead associated with their 21/7, 300 person rotational roster, by more than 70 hours a month, which eliminated the need for a full time travel administrator and saved the organisation more than $50,000 per year in transaction fees.

Download Leighton Case Study

Serko and INX – better together

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INX Software is a leading workforce management solution used by organisations across a  range of sectors including energy and resources, telecommunications, utilities, transport, marine, construction, manufacturing, government and healthcare. INX Software helps organisations manage all aspects of their operations, from procurement to travel. 

The INX InFlight product is designed to assist Administrators with the task of managing  travel, accommodation and rosters in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Authorised users of INX InFlight have instant access to information on flights, rosters and  accommodation as well as access to the flight manifests used by Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to book airline flights. 

The INX +TMX solution is an add-on to INX InFlight and Serko Online that automates the manual booking of commercial flights. With INX +TMX, flight requirements flow straight out of INX +TMX into the Serko Online FIFO booking module without any human intervention allowing for automated bookings.

Once flight bookings are confirmed by Serko Online, INX InFlight is automatically updated and employees and contractors are able to review their roster, accommodation and flight itineraries, inclusive of commercial flights both through INX InFlight itself or through the supporting INX InFlight mobile application. 

By using INX +TMX, organisations reduce booking time, save on transaction fees and dramatically streamline the process of managing FIFO rosters.

Visit the INX website

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