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28 Mar 2014

Need help with FIFO bookings? We're here to chat...

Live chat support launched for Automated FIFO booking customers

“This new software is 100% bug free and covers off every scenario you could ever think of” …said no one ever. Not even Bill Gates can claim that one.

Well, plenty of people probably do say it, but is it accurate? Not likely. Serko Online and the FIFO Booking tool in particular are pretty close of course, but still, on top of the support that clients and TMCs receive through their regular channels, we are trialling a great online tool that offers user support direct from Serko product experts. Livechat is an online chat tool that can be enabled only in Group Booking, (sorry standard Serko Online users, but the model doesn’t quite fit the base product) and is currently attended during AU business hours.

The focus is on ensuring that new users in particular, are given direct, instant support, with the intention of not only providing a positive experience to the user with quick, knowledgeable assistance and resolutions, but also to enable our product team can gather first-hand insight of issues being raised in a live environment. We can also take this experience and pass on guidance and training strategies to TMCs to build on their own ability to support Group Booking moving forward.

It’s a win-win.

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